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What's your name, nickname, age and location?
My name Serezha, Nickname Dark#, location Russia,Orenburg.

Since when are you playing MTA? Simply tell us some parts of your MTA career, like when and where you have started playing MTA.
I was invited by a friend on FFS.First played on DD (Derby) then started playing the mode DM.
Then I got tired to play on FFS.
I started to look for other servers and I came across on FX GAMING! But I started play in MTA 2014 year!

Have you been in any other clan?
~GTR~ GAMING [there]
ISP GAMING [there]
XoD// GAMING [there]

How would you be useful to us?
I'll help with the promotion and help with check maps. I want to help FX to get rid of Cheater's and Camper's.
I have experience with the server. I don't play other games besides MTA, and it allows me to play on FX.My goal is to punish those who refuse to obey the server rules! To players played with happy.

Why do you want to be a part of FX?
I liked the server. I liked the atmosphere at FX GAMING! The good guys play on the server